EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: In conversation with Pascal Birchler at WCEU2019

pascal birchler interview

For Episode 2 of WordCamp Europe 2019 Interview Series, DevotePress sat down with Pascal Birchler, a software engineer and WordPress core developer based in Zurich, Switzerland. Pascal was one of the amazing speakers at WCEU2019. He’s been working with WordPress for half of his life and is an avid member of the community. Most recently, Pascal joined Google as a developer programs engineer to help advance WordPress even more. Living in a multilingual country, he is passionate about internationalization and improving this area in WordPress to make software accessible for everyone.

At WordCamp Europe 2019, Pascal’s topic covered multilingual WordPress sites and shared his ideas on how WordPress could evolve when it comes to multilingual sites. He also highlighted the role of WordPress in creating user-first web experiences using modern web platform capabilities and best practices.

In this interview, Pascal talks about his WordPress journey, his talk at WCEU, why multilingual websites are important, the future of WordPress, and more.

When asked why multilingual sites are so important in WordPress, Pascal responded, “If you’re from America and your website is for local people there, then you probably don’t need a multilingual site. But if you look at WordPress as a bigger picture, more than half of the sites are not in American English. That means the WordPress community is so international. For example, WCEU has so many attendees from around the globe. Many countries also have more than one official or national language. I come from Switzerland and we have four official languages. So, you see, multilingual websites are a need.”

Pascal also shared in WCEU2019 that WordPress multilingual support would be introduced in phase 4 of Gutenberg in 2020. He’s a humble person who has so much to share about the importance of multilingual websites.

DevotePress would like to thank Pascal Birchler for taking out time and sitting with us for this interview.


Here is the full exclusive interview with Pascal Birchler:

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