Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement For Your Business

Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement For Your Business

If you wonder how other businesses get so much social media engagement or are you struggling to keep up with social media? Then here we’ve tried to list out some of the ways to increase social media engagement for your business.

What is social media engagement?

Social media engagement is the measurement of likes, shares, and comments.

Many businesses want to rack up their followers but unfortunately, the only way to measure social media success is an engaged audience.

Let’s assume that your company threw a party and everyone came. They were eating and sitting silently without having any talk, or dancing, So, do you think the party really a success? May be RSVP list looks good, but did your guests have fun?

Engagement plays an important role for every social platform in building a positive experience and developing good relationships with existing as well as future customers.

Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement For Your Business

Here are some of the tips to increase social media engagement for your business.

Post Content Worth Engaging with

It is very important to create engaging content if you want to increase social media engagement. It can be a video where people can relate, any graphics that make people laugh, a poll on Twitter, or anything that encourages people to tag their friends. Just need to post the content about something that is really inspiring, beautiful, funny, or relatable to gain a positive reaction from people. If they find your content outstanding then they will share through the social buttons which will drive traffic.

Respond to all comments

If you want to increase social media engagement, then you need to be social. When some customers leave a comment on a post, you need to reply to them as this is the opportunity to talk to them. Whether it’s a positive or negative message, you should try to respond to all the customers. You can show gratitude for positive messages and try to resolve the problems for negative ones.

Ask questions

The next tip to increase social media engagement is to ask questions. When you create content with questions, you will get a chance to engage with your audience. This will help your audience to engage with you on social media. Make sure that you ask questions related to your business. The questions related to your company make people think about your company.

Post frequently

Posting the content frequently will help to increase engagement on social media. If you do not post any type of content, you see low engagement with your posts. As you can see that there are tons of content in the newsfeed and if you don’t post the content frequently then your audience might miss the chance. In order to make strong engagement with your audience, you need to post content on a regular basis.

Start a Facebook group

Facebook groups are one of the best ways to increase social media engagement. If we compare groups and pages then groups are more social than pages as members are free to post their questions. Groups help to communicate with each other easily. And also help to know other people in their niche. It is very important to be active in your own community which will automatically strengthen your relationships with others.

Use high-quality visuals

Want to increase social media engagement for your business, start using high-quality visuals. This will make your content stand out from the rest and grab your audience’s attention. There are different types of visuals so try using these visuals in your content. infographics, videos, photos, and GIFs. Using a high-quality visual with the text can make a difference.

Create relatable headlines

Your content headlines should be honest and compelling so you need to consider the quality of the headline in your social media engagement strategy. When a customer land on your page the headline is the first thing that will grab their eyes. So, make sure, you create the content with headlines that are interesting, clear, and relevant. If you want to have a great headline in your content then think like a reader and ask questions yourself like why to click on your article.


Social media is the biggest platform for communication. Hence, you need to have a good engagement with your audience to stand out from the crowd.

Just experiment with your content to find out about your audience. Use Analytics to find out whether the content was loved by your audience or not. The comment section is the main part of engagement so dig it as far as you can.

However, it will take time to engage with your audience so make sure you plan and set the objectives that you want to achieve. Have patience and start engaging.

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