7 Methods to Promote Old Posts and Grow User Engagement

methods to promote old posts and grow user engagement

Do you want to increase user engagement on your website? One of the best ways to attract more visitors and get more page views on your website is to promote old posts. You’ve probably written blog posts that are evergreen. The article you have published years ago might have information that is still relevant today. The problem is that when you publish new posts, your old posts are shoved down into your post archives, collecting dust probably. So, how about we revive our old posts? We’re going to share 7 amazing methods to promote old posts on your website. Some solutions are with WordPress plugins, some with using social networks, and some are with using social media tools to help automate some of the processes. You can use whichever you like the most. Let’s dive into it.


Share it on Social Media Platforms

Sharing your old posts on your social media is an effective way to get more followers and page views. There are many WordPress plugins that you can use to share your old articles on your social networks. And one of the best plugins to do that is Revive Old Post. The plugin helps you promote old posts by automatically sharing them on different popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Or, if you don’t want to use plugins, you can manually share your old posts on different social media platforms. However, it will take a little longer.

Showcase Related Posts

Adding related posts feature on your website is a very useful way to boost up your website traffic. You might have visited several websites with Related Posts section next to or under every post (take ours for example). If a user scrolls down to read your entire blog post, it means they are interested in your content and engaged in what they are reading. Make the most out of this opportunity and showcase other related posts as well. You can also find many plugins in WordPress.org to showcase related posts on your website. It will also give your audience a chance to explore your website.

Display Popular Posts


Displaying your popular posts means letting your audience know about what’s trending on your website. Some articles are just much more popular than others. People coming to your website are more likely to read what many other users have already found interesting. You can use those popular articles to get more traffic and promote old posts on your website.

Create Useful 404 Page


Most of the WordPress themes nowadays come with the default 404-page template. A 404 page is displayed when a page that the user is looking for, cannot be displayed for some reason. You can use this chance to display the most important content or promote old posts on your website to keep the users interested and engaged on your website. You can also help users locate the content they were searching for by adding a search form on the page.

Add Google Custom Search

You can improve the fairly limited default search feature in WordPress by using Google Custom Search. Adding Google Custom Search box in your WordPress website can help you increase the number of page views and user engagement. You might be wondering why you should use Google Custom Search when there are plenty of other search plugins in WordPress.org. It’s because other search plugins will only search your WordPress content which matches the keyword. Sometimes users enter an incorrect spelling or just one keyword that some of the plugins cannot handle. So, in order to provide a better user experience in your WordPress website, you might want to switch to Google Custom Search box.

Interlink Old Articles

One of the best ways to promote old posts on your website is to interlink it to the new articles. It can be very interesting and helpful to the users when you link to your old posts whenever it is relevant. People usually search the web by clicking on links available on the current page. That’s why you need to make sure you keep your audience engaged and also promote old posts by interlinking.

Link Old Articles in Comments

You can use links to point your users to other posts on your blog or website when you are responding to their comments. This way you will be providing more information to your audiences and also will be promoting your old posts at the same time. This forms trust and increases your traffic. The link you add in your comments will also help other readers having the same questions.

There you go, these were the 7 methods to promote old posts on your website. The article is sure to help you promote your old articles and also increase customer stability on your website.

How do you promote your old posts? Are you using any other methods to revive your old articles? Let us know through the comments below.

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