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7 Must-have sections on a Business Website

If you own a business, having an online presence with all your information is a must-have thing in today’s generation. The web world is vast and there are millions of businesses competing with one another. Since the competition is so high, you need to make sure your site provides all the business information that your visitors need to know about. Many sites lack information about their business; which can be quite unappealing. So, to help you create a strong online profile, we today have listed 7 must-have sections on a business website. These sections are the most basic yet powerful ones that provide the exact information your visitors are looking for.

The main motive behind this article is to help small businesses create a strong business site and help them grow. Not only the small businesses, but any business site owner must include the below-mentioned sections on their website. These sections are the powerhouse of your site that makes your online business site appealing, informative, and dynamic. The sections will help you elegantly display your products and services, without any fanciness or distraction.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

(Please note that we are listing only “THE MOST” important sections.)


Informative Homepage


The first thing your visitors see is the Homepage of your site. That’s why you need to make it eye-pleasing with minimal yet elegant design. Your homepage must provide quick answers to what your business is all about. Excellent and intuitive navigation is a must. On the homepage, your menu and featured slider or header image should be very clear and informative. These two are the sections on your homepage that your audience is likely to see first. So, make sure you take full advantage of these sections and use them to display your business more efficiently. As mentioned earlier, the design of your homepage must be easy-on-the-eye and it must display clearly what your audience can expect from you.

About Section

About US Section

The About section is where you need to add everything about your business and what you intend to provide. You need to make this section strong and straight forward. Your audience, most probably the new visitors seek the About section while visiting your site for the very first time. The About section must include everything about you and your business. For instance, your base, founders, growth, products, services, and more. Every information about your business and objectives should be written profoundly in the About section.

Contact Section

Next comes the Contact section. This is where you add all the available and possible ways to contact you and your business. You can add your contact number, email address, FAX, physical address, or contact form on this section. Whatever it is, it must be an easy gateway to reach you. This section is crucial as it helps your visitors and customers to contact you directly and easily.

Products Section

The main motive behind crafting a business site is to run your business and sell your products. Your Products section/page must include all the products and services you provide. Make it more accessible by providing samples, demos, or previews. Your audience is likely to visit this section if they are interested in you and your business.

Pricing Section

After your Products section is ready, you must be very clear about your pricing. Your customers should not have to struggle to find cost and price information. The Pricing section should display the exact prices of your products so that your customers are clear and do have to struggle for cost info.

Testimonials Section

Many of the small businesses don’t have the testimonials section. It is a crucial section as it helps in earning the trust of new customers and visitors. Authenticity is everything in today’s generation with hundreds and thousands of competitions. Your loyal customers are likely to provide genuine reviews on your products and business. Testimonials are what your new customers are likely to search for on your site to see your truthfulness. These testimonials, when displayed elegantly can earn trust among your new visitors. So, make sure you add a Testimonials section on your business website.

Stats Sections

One of the many ways to attract more visitors and customers on your site is to display your Business Stats. The Stats section is where your business is displayed in numbers. Your first-time visitors are likely to build trust in you and your business only after knowing that you’re excellent at what you do, what you deliver, and that your services are of a top-notch. And, in order to showcase the achievements of your business, the Stats section serves you well. It is basically a section where you get to show your strength in numbers.

So, these were the 7 MUST-HAVE sections on a business website according to us. If you don’t have any of these sections up on your business site, make sure you add them straight away.

Apart from these must-have sections, there are also many other powerful sections like Featured Content, Hero Content, Team, Promotional Headline, and more. These sections can help you display your products and services profoundly and make your site easily accessible.

Do you want to add any other section to the list? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.


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