A Blog and A Website – How is a Blog Different from a Website? 

While starting their journey in WordPress or any other web platform, newbies often get confused between a blog and a website. Many of them tend to confuse one with the other and interpret an answer of their own will. Therefore, for those who’re confused, we’ll today be sharing how a blog is different from a website.

The major difference between a blog and a website is theoretically the difference in how the data is being presented. But, apart from that, there are several things that are not common between those two. We will be pointing out those differences below. We will be giving you details on both of them separately, as it will help you to have in-depth knowledge on both of them.

What is A Blog?

In simple words, a blog is a weblog with a chronological listing of fresh blog posts—newer content appears first. A blog can be initiated effortlessly with WordPress. The regularly updated, fresh new content, also known as blog posts, is what keeps a blog up and running. The more you update your blog with quality blog posts, the more attention your blog is likely to get.

Blogs are mostly run by an individual or a small group of authors to present different information in a conversational style. And to make the blog more conversational and engaging, most of the blogs have a commenting system. It invites readers to participate in the communication and express their thoughts and opinions on blog posts. Blog posts in blogs are archived by date, categories, authors, tags, and more.

So, basically, blogs are a type of website that is regularly updated with new content displayed in a reversed chronological order. You can take our own website, DevotePress as an example of a regularly updated blog.

What is A Website?

A website is anything on the web presented in HTML/CSS or Java/Javascript/Python/Php etc. Websites are static in nature where the contents are organized in pages and they are rarely updated. A website may be complemented with a blog, but the homepage would be more for browsing other pages and not just the blog posts.

In comparison with blogs, websites contain numerous aspects, are fully functional, and its limitations are little to none. A website can be anything—from a single page to a Billion-users social network, for example, Facebook.

A website contains a homepage that displays content from several sections of internal website pages. A blog might be a part of the website which can be used to share news and certain information. It might also contain a page for client testimonials, portfolio section, an FAQ page, the company’s terms and privacy statement pages, contact forms, and many more.

Fully functional and eye-catchy websites are usually cost consuming tasks since you would have to build from the base up. You will have to carefully manage each and every section that you add while setting up your website if you want to stand out among others in the web world.

For example of how a website looks, check out Catch Themes, Wikipedia, Facebook, etc.

A blog or a website? Which one to go for?

The main thing you should remember here is: A website is where you see a static homepage with several other pages and sections. Whereas, a blog is where you see a homepage that is updated regularly with fresh content.

First of all, before you jump into the final decision, decide what you actually are intending to do? If you’re just trying to create content on a regular basis for others to read, you should go for a blog. And, if you want a full-featured online portal with several features and functionalities in it, you should go for a website.

If you own a company, you should craft a strong and bold website combined with a blog. However, make sure you know a good deal of coding before you dive into crafting a website or you can shell out a little money and outsource the coding work.

A blog or a website, go for the one that suits best for you!

All Blogs are Websites, But Not All Websites are Blogs.

We hope the article gave you some idea on how a blog is different from a website. Do you have anything to add, ask or share? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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