How to Create Attention Grabbing Headlines so your Viewers are Hooked

create attention grabbing headlines

The first thing to get noticed in a post – The Headline. Many times, people are negligent when confirming headlines for their content. A serious mistake, I must say. The headline is the one thing that can determine if the viewer actually reads your post or not. You want your content to be actually read? You need a killer headline. One simply does not write hundreds and thousands of words to let them go on unnoticed by viewers. That is why today’s article is focused completely on how to create attention grabbing headlines for your content.

The headline is not something to just gloss over and forget. It is the most important part of your content; even more than SEO or keywords. You have to make it so perfect that people just can’t help but click it open and read your post. As stressful as it is, you needn’t worry, though. We will walk you through with some fun and easy techniques on how to create attention grabbing headlines so that the viewers convert into readers of your posts. Read on to find out more.


Words have the power to make people convert. There are a ton of interesting words, adjectives specifically, out there that can help you create attention grabbing headlines. Some of them are:

  • Easily
  • Effortless
  • Fun
  • Free
  • Absolute
  • Effective
  • Awesome
  • Amazing
  • Essential
  • Exclusive

And these are only to name a few. Incorporate these words into your headlines as much as you can. If you’re writing about Homework tips, let’s say. How much better would it sound if your headline was “Fun Ways to do your Homework” or “Effortlessly beat the Homework Blues and Meet Deadlines”. You get what I mean, right?

Trigger your Audience

Readers need to get triggered into reading your content. How do you do that? What strategy can you follow? Why should you trigger them to meet your needs? There you go, three triggers I kept as bait for you to keep reading this article. Use the Whys, Whats and Hows. Everybody is on the look-out for answers to those questions. However, use them one at a time. One query fulfilled at a time is reason enough.


Well, yes. Most of the articles these days are titled as “17 things to do if you want to succeed”, “10 ways to get smarter”, “5 best WordPress hacks” and so on. And why not? These are things people root for. The internet is making people lazier by the day. So much that reading an essay or prose is not something they like to do. If you make clear that the content you’ve written has well-defined numbered list; your chance of being read grows. Keep smaller numbers, like under 10. Or use weird numbers like 36 or 27. They’re good at grabbing attention.

Make a Promise

Readers should feel that they’ve used their time doing something useful. Make promises that within the time they spend reading your article, they’ll have learned something useful. Attract them with your headline, lure them into the trap. All the while making them think that is what they need. If your content involves tips on blogging, try the headline “Become a Blogging Expert in less than 15 minutes”. Your viewers will think, “That sounds like a really short time. If I can really learn, why not?”

Be Specific

All of the above tricks are of no use if your headline isn’t specific enough. The readers have to know what they’re getting into on the first look itself. Nobody has the time to waste looking for the theme of your article. Thus, being specific is key. Many times I’ve seen articles that were titled well but lacked specificity. They jumbled up my thoughts and thus turned off my interest to click it open and read. You don’t want that to happen, do you? So if you’re writing about training dogs, make sure your headline clarifies the kind of training and the breed of dogs as well. For an instance, “Quick Tips to Train your Japanese Spitz to Sit or Roll”.

Sleep over it

Not literally, no. But think about the headline you just thought for your article. Does it explain the article completely? Does it stay true to its claim? After all those tips you followed, the headline sure is attractive. But is it honest? If it qualifies you’re good to go. Honest and attractive headlines keep the readers coming back for more of your posts.

Finally, we’ve come to an end on ways to create attention grabbing headlines. These tips are sure to get your viewers converted to readers. You read this post after all, didn’t you? Headlines can be a tricky stuff to master. These tricks will sure be handy to give your website more views and increase that “Website Clicks” number on your social media page.

Create attention grabbing headlines and keep pressing words!

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