How to Create Custom Menus in WordPress

WordPress, by default, provides you with Navigation Menus, let’s simply say Menus, a feature that allows you to display various menus on your website. The built-in WordPress menu feature also allows you to create custom menus of your own in WordPress in place of your theme’s default menus. The default menu will just list current WordPress pages. Custom menus in WordPress may contain links to pages, categories, custom links or other content types. You will also be able to specify a different navigation label for a menu item as well as assign other attributes.

There is no specific limit on how many menus you can create, so if your theme includes more than one menu location, you can choose which custom menu you want to place in each location.

Having said that, let’s move on to the tutorial—how you can easily create custom menus in WordPress.

Create Custom Menus in WordPress 

The first step is to head over to Appearance on your WordPress Dashboard.

Appearance > Menus

Click on the Menus link in the Appearance menu. You will now be able to see the Menus editor page.
Create a new menu

Enter the menu name you want to customize or if you want to create your own, click on Create a new menu. You will be able to create your own custom menu here. Give your new menu a name you want and click on the Create Menu button.

Rename your menu

Here, you can customize the custom menu your way, you can add menu items from the boxes on the left, such as pages, posts, categories, and links.

Menu customization option

If you want to change which menu option you see from this page, then head over to the Screen Options tab and add other menu items options such as posts, tags or formats, or show advanced menu properties like CSS classes.

Screen Options

Click on the Save Menu button after you finish arranging your menus. Now, you have a new navigation menu created by you that can be added to any menu location on your WordPress website. You can also manage the location of your custom menu from Manage location button next to the Edit menus. Here you will also be able to know how many menus does your theme support and will be able to select which menu appears in each location.

That is all you need to do. You can now successfully create your own custom menus in WordPress and that too without facing any difficulty.


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