How to Enable Dark Mode on your Site in WordPress

Enable Dark Mode in WordPress

Do you want to provide your users an easier way to enable dark mode on your site? DevotePress will show you a quick way to display dark mode on your site no matter which theme you are using in WordPress.

The dark mode feature is almost everywhere nowadays and almost all famous platforms, for instance, Facebook and Instagram are providing options to enable dark mode for their website. It has become a kind of necessity and of course, people are loving the new trend of dark mode as well. Dark modes are not only easier on the eye but also provide a stunning, bold look for your site. So, today, we are going to show you a quick tutorial on how to enable dark mode on your site in WordPress without hurting your site design.

Let’s get started.

Enable Dark Mode on your Site

First of all, you need to install and activate the Catch Dark Mode plugin. You can find the plugin on WordPress Plugin Repository and it is absolutely free to download.  The plugin is a simple yet feature-rich dark mode WordPress plugin for enabling dark mode on your site.

Catch Dark Mode plugin

After activating the plugin, you can go to the settings page to set up the dark mode feature on your site. Visit Dashboard > Catch Dark Mode to customize the plugin and your dark mode feature.

On the Settings page, you can different aspects for your dark mode feature. The first on the screen is the Color Schemes option where you can choose from three different color schemes—Amber, Teal, and Red. You can choose the one that suits the best for your website design. There are many other color schemes as well, however, you need to upgrade to the premium version of the plugin to access those color schemes.

Catch Dark Mode Settings Page

You also have the option to enable dark mode for your site by default. And you can even enable the OS awareness dark mode as well.

Another really handy feature you get is the Switch option. You can display a floating switch for your dark mode option and also choose from 3 different Switch styles. Similar to the Color Schemes, there are other switch styles as well, but, you need to upgrade to premium first. Moreover, you can choose where you want your Switch button to be displayed, either Bottom Left or Bottom Right.

Customize the settings as per your desire and click on the Save Changes button to save your customization.

Head over to your front-end and try out the new dark mode feature on your site. Click the Dark Mode switch to see the feature in action.

Here is a quick preview of how your dark mode feature works:
Dark Mode OFF
Dark Mode OFF
Dark Mode ON

We hope this article helped you enable dark mode on your site in WordPress without any hassle. It is very easy, requires zero coding knowledge, and is available for absolutely free.

If you need advanced features like Different Color Schemes, Switch Styles, Auto-Schedule, and more, we suggest you upgrade to the premium version of the plugin, Catch Dark Mode Pro.

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