How to Set up a Live Chat on WordPress Sites

How to Set up live chat in WordPress

Do you want to set up a live chat on your WordPress site? Here’s a quick tutorial for your convenience.

If you’re into the web business, you must provide your customers and visitors an easier way to connect with you and your business. One of the most effective and quick ways to make a connection with customers is to set up a live chat on your website. Live chat can be used to answer customer queries, interact with visitors, provide support for products and services, and more. All in all, live chat helps in increasing customer satisfaction, which can result in increased sales. In this article, we will be learning how we can set up a live chat in WordPress. And to make things easier, we will be using a WordPress plugin and not mess with coding.

Set up a Live Chat on WordPress Sites

First of all, install and activate the LiveChat plugin from the WordPress plugin directory. The plugin is absolutely free and is as straight as its name.


Upon activating the plugin, you need to head over to LiveChat > Settings for further configuration.

LiveChat - Settings

Now, if you’re using the plugin for the first time, you need to create a new LiveChat account first. Fill in the required fields and you’ll be good to go.

After creating your account in LiveChat, a popup (similar to the below image) will appear providing you some crucial information.


If you want to get your customers’ details or just want to further know what you can do with the plugin, you can visit the LiveChat site by logging in.

You can now visit your website to see the plugin in action. An elegant-looking chat icon will be on the bottom of the screen of your visitors to easily chat with you if they have any queries. Your visitors will first have to enter their name and email address to start a conversation with you. Below is a sneak peek of what your LiveChat will look like:


We hope this article helped you set up a live chat on your WordPress websites. It is very easy and requires zero coding knowledge. So, make your site user-friendly without troubling your wallet.

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