Why Use Category In WordPress? (6 Reasons to Create Category)

Most bloggers and WordPress users ask the question, “Why use category in WordPress?”

If you are not using category in your blog or website, then you are missing out on a huge WordPress feature. Not only are you missing out a feature, you are also making a big mistake. Category is very useful for you in the long run to organize and manage your blog properly.
Without category your blog will be a mess.

Here are 6 reasons you need to create a category for your blog.

1) Easily search your old post:

You can easily search and find your old blog post when required. If you have hundreds of blog post, then you’ll have hard time trying to find a blog post you need. But if you have category then you’ll know before hand what it’s about and where to search for it.

2) Efficient for readers:

Your blog reader won’t read all the blog post you write. Rather, they’ll read blog post about the topic they are interested in. And category can be a huge help for them to search and read posts that interests them, instead of having to search through the archives.

3) Organize your Blog:

Category is the first step to organize your blog. Category and tags are two major elements that helps you to organize your blog. Among those two, category is very efficient. Tags are just keywords, so it’s not a good idea to try and organize your blog just with the help of tags. With the help of categories, you can organize your blog easily.

4) Specific about blog post:

You can be specific about the blog post you write. Writers face most problem when they create a niche website. After they create a niche website, they need to write every articles based on that particular niche.

However, with categories you can eliminate this problem. You can choose to write about other stuff and not choose to show it on the home page.

5) Your blog won’t be a mess:

Ever landed on a website and got confused? There are times when we get confused trying to figure out what a website is about. There are lots of websites which are complete mess.

If people won’t be able figure out what your website is about, they will leave and never come back. People don’t like distraction and mess. Most websites are mess because they don’t use category.

Category can be really handy to clean your blog or website in the long run.

6) The possibilities are endless.

Category is just a first step in organizing your blog. After that, the possibilities are endless. You can create a separate rss feed for a specific category to send e-mail updates to subscribers who are only interested in certain topics. You can create different page structures for different categories. You can choose to show only specific category in homepage. The list goes on and on……

Hence, it’s very important that you use categories for your blog.

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