Community Bazaar at WordCamp Asia 2020 – Uplift your local WP Community

Community Bazaar at WordCamp Asia 2020

Do you want the world to know about your local WordPress community? Now is the time! WordCamp Asia 2020 will feature a Community Bazaar during the event. This is where you can display different posters and swags from your local community and let people from around the globe know about it. The Community Bazaar at WordCamp Asia 2020 is a great opportunity to showcase your community growth and even get some much-needed support from other communities.

The first flagship of its kind—WordCamp Asia 2020 is taking place this year and it is going to be GRAND. WCASIA2020 is happening in the beautiful city of Thailand. It is going to take place on Feb 21-23, 2020, at ICONSIAM in Bangkok, Thailand. If you want to experience three days full of WordPress nerdery, we suggest you book your seats for the event.

WordCamp Asia 2020 is going to be a grand event and people from around the globe are going to attend. Isn’t this a wonderful time to promote your local communities to the world at large? You can showcase your journey, your local meetups, members, your growth, and much more. It is an excellent opportunity for all communities, especially the small ones as they do not get much exposure.

To participate in Community Bazaar at WordCamp Asia 2020, you will first have to REGISTER HERE by February 10. Then, in order to showcase your community, you can bring your own printed posters or you can also send the WCASIA2020 team your print-ready PDF designs beforehand. The team will provide your A2 size posters during the event.

Additionally, if you want to display or distribute some swags from your local community, you can consult with the WCASIA team on February 22.

This Community Bazaar will help us all learn about the differences and commonalities between different local communities and their existence.


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