WordCamp Nepal 2024 – Call For Internet Partner

WordCamp Nepal 2024 - Call For Internet Partner

WordCamp Nepal 2024 is looking for a dedicated Internet Partner to join the team in creating a seamless online experience for the attendees. This is a great opportunity where you can showcase your services and contribute to the success of the event while gaining valuable visibility within the vibrant WordPress community.

WordCamp Nepal 2024 will be taking place on the 12th and 13th of January 2024 in Pokhara. WordCamp Nepal 2024 will be a two-day event, the first day is the Contributor Day and the second day is Conference Day.

Here are the Internet Requirements:

Day 1: A stable connection for approximately 400 attendees with laptops, ensuring smooth access to online resources and activities throughout the conference.

Day 2: Separate connections for live broadcasting and shared internet access for regular attendees, sponsor desks, and overall event operations. (1000+ attendees)

NOTE: Everyone will also have mobile phones, and personal devices that will be connected.

How to Get Involved

If you are a reliable internet service provider and can meet the connectivity needs for a large-scale event, then you can become a valued Internet Partner at WordCamp Nepal 2024. Your support will contribute significantly to the seamless functioning of the event, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees.

Benefits as an Internet Partner

In exchange for providing a stable internet connection for the duration of the event, Internet Partners will receive a dedicated booth/desk. This space will serve as a prime location for showcasing your services and engaging with the event attendees.

Booth Details

  • A small-sized booth will be provided in the event space to interact with the attendees

Brand Awareness

  • Acknowledgment and thanks in closing remarks
  • Medium-sized logo on the Banner as well as on our website
  • Medium-sized logo on schedules and all print materials
  • A thank you post for your contributions as “Official Internet Partner” of WordCamp Nepal 2024 on our official social channels (Twitter and Facebook)


  • 2 free tickets to attend the event
  • 1 invite for Pre-Party Social Event of speakers, organizers and sponsors for networking opportunities

So, hurry up and submit the form till 25th December.

If you want to sponsor at  WordCamp Nepal, you can get the full details here.

You can visit the official website for WordCamp Nepal 2024 and submit your Sponsor Application Form.


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