Community Calling – WordPress Kathmandu February 2017 Meetup is On!

WordPress Kathmandu February 2017 Meetup

The next chapter of the WordPress Kathmandu monthly meetups has arrived. By now, you must be familiar with the layout of the meetups. However, WordPress Kathmandu February 2017 Meetup is going to be just a bit different from what you expect of it.

For starters, the day of the meetup has been changed. For the first time in many months, the WordCamp Kathmandu February 2017 meetup is going to be held on a Saturday. A lot of community members were of the opinion that Sunday wasn’t a very available day to attend meetups. Keeping that in mind, this time around the meetup will be held on Saturday – a day almost all Nepalis are free.

Additionally, we won’t be witnessing two presentations on this meetup like we have done for many meetups before. This time around, what we will be taking part in the meetup is a workshop. This is a nice break from the regular presentations and the attendees will also be learning something new in real-time.
The meetup will host a Workshop on JavaScript Templating in WordPress. The workshop facilitators are:

  1. Rakesh Lawaju
    Co-Founder, CTO
    WEN Solutions
  2. Digamber Pradhan
    Team Lead, Sr. WordPress Developer
    Web Experts Nepal

There is also a specific requirement for the workshop attendees:

  1. Basic understanding of WordPress development.
  2. Basic understanding of JavaScript.
  3. Own Laptop and its essential accessories.
  4. And important: Willingness to learn.

Furthermore, you will not be going to Knic Education Foundation to attend the meetup this month.

Instead, the meetup will take place at the office of WEN Solutions (Acclaim Technology), Taphalhon, Lalitpur.

The WordPress Kathmandu February 2017 Meetup is all set to happen on 25 February 2017 from 11 am – 1 pm. All WordPress Kathmandu meetups are very punctual and start right on time. So make sure you arrive by 10:55 am.

For more details, check out their page on Facebook.

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