Gutenberg Editor Updates: Gutenberg 2.9

Gutenberg 2.9 Released

Gutenberg 2.9, another addition to weekly updates of Gutenberg Editor was released on 18th May 2018. The new update is packed with several improvements and fixes in it.

This time, Gutenberg 2.9 has introduced the Plugin API that allows pinning items for quick access, refinements to the UI and consistency of various block tools, toolbars exposing the keyboard shortcuts used to access most features, significant improvements around API support (lifting limits to various endpoints, capabilities, conditional UI, etc.) and many more enhancements.

Let’s now have a quick detailed look at the major updates.

The newest version has added support for pinning plugin items in the main editor header for quick access. It is an important part of the editor Plugin API seeking to grant plugins a high visibility while offering users a consistent and flexible UI that can scale better.  Every plugin that extends the editor will get a menu item in the more menu. Users are allowed to unpin any extension icon that a plugin has pinned. And, they can use unpinned plugins as the action will always be available on the more menu. Know more about the update here.

The Gutenberg 2.9 update has brought easier access to most features with toolbars exposing the keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts include:

On Windows (Firefox):
Undo: Ctrl + Z
Redo: Ctrl + Shift + Z
Save: Ctrl + S

On Mac (Safari):
Undo: Meta + Z
Redo: Meta + Shift + Z
Save: Meta + S

Few Notable Changes

Gutenberg 2.9 has a long list of new features along with refinements. Check out the full list of changes in Matias Ventura’s post.

The Gutenberg Editor is getting better with each updated version. The developers are slowly implementing new features to make it as easier as possible for users. If you haven’t tested it yet, we suggest you give it a try. If you find something that bugs you, you’re always welcome to patch things you don’t like in WordPress.

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