WordPress Plugin Submissions are Now Open

plugin submissions now open

Starting today, the Plugin Review Team has started accepting plugins for reviewing. This announcement was made through a post in the Make WordPress Plugins blog, the official blog for the Plugin Review Team. Some changes have been made to the overall process. They are:

Zips are required for Plugin Submissions

Instead of a link, developers are now required to upload their zip directly. In doing so, the plugin slug will be assigned to them. In the case of an invalid zip, or if the plugin headers are invalid, they’ll receive an error message. The review team asks the developers to read it carefully.

Slugs are determined from plugin headers

Now the slugs will be based on the plugin headers. For example, if the name of your plugin is ‘my cool plugin’, your plugin slug will read as ‘my-cool-plugin’ and that will get you an email from the plugin review team telling you not to use “Plugin” in your URL, and is “my-cool” okay? You are expected to read all of the emails and reply properly.

Plugins won’t be rejected after 7 days

Since the new and pending queues are now split, your plugins won’t be rejected after 7 days. After a review, if you don’t reply to the email, your plugin just will remain there and waits for your response. Furthermore, you can’t resubmit. In case you try to, you’ll get a warning message that the plugin already exists.

Release and Iterate

All of this is going to be iterated on and improved. The team aims to make the add page list everything you have pending, for example, and they’ll be implementing a limit on how many plugins you can upload at once to prevent things like one person submitting ten at once.

And it seems the team will be soon taking new reviewers. However, they’ll limit the number of new members they take at a time so that they can release and iterate their training methods and documentation faster.

You can read the full announcement by clicking here. Remember to whitelist the [email protected] email address and follow Make WordPress Plugins blog for updates.

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