Site Health Check in WordPress 5.2

Site health check in WordPress 5.2

The major release, WordPress 5.2 is targeted for 30th April 2019. And with the major release getting nearer, developers are gearing up to provide as smooth and bug-free release as possible for the general public. Among all the features being introduced, Site Health Check is one of the most major ones.

The new release includes a fresh new admin interface with two new pages—Status and Info—under the Tools > Site Health. Site Health Check is an ongoing project aimed at improving the stability and performance of the entire WordPress ecosystem.

The Status page includes a series of tests on the user’s site, which will be categorized as critical, recommended, or good. After getting the results of your site health, you will be provided with explanations as to what can be done and where you should be paying attention. Along with the explanation, you will also be provided with actionable items and direct links to appropriate areas to improve your website’s health.

Site Health Status

Plugins and Themes can also add their own tests or remove the existing ones. You can learn in detail about filtering the Tests here.

Likewise, the Info page provides information about the website and server setup for sharing when looking for support in various locations. It is for Debug Purposes. For your convenience, it includes a button to quickly copy any non-private information. There are many expandable sections. Plugins and themes may introduce their own entries to this page using the debug_information filter, either by adding entries to existing sections or by creating their own sections.

Site Health Info

The copied information only includes non-private information, it can also be subjective and included in the filter. You can either mark a full section or just individual entries as private by setting the corresponding $private value to true.

The Site Health Check feature is one of the most important updates this time that helps you improve the speed and security of your site. With a feature like this, it is safe to say that WordPress 5.2 will be an interesting and exhilarating update. 

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