WordCamp Europe 2023 – Call For Media Partners

WordCamp Europe 2023 - Call For Media Partners

One of the biggest WordPress conferences around the globe, WordCamp Europe 2023 has opened Call for Media Partners. This year’s event is shaping up to be one of the most exciting and educational WordCamps yet, and is expected to attract thousands of attendees.

The team are looking for media partners who can help them to reach a wider audience and share the amazing experiences and insights that will be had at WordCamp Europe in Athens. In return, the team is offering a range of benefits, including VIP access to the event, exclusive interviews with speakers, exposure through our social media channels, inclusion in our promotional materials, and the opportunity to speak to attendees and share your own stories.

As an official Media Partner, you will be committed to offering top-notch media coverage before, during, and after the event. This includes articles, social media posts, interviews, and more. You will have to provide news related to WordCamp Europe 2023 and update the latest development process.

Benefits of becoming a Media Partner

Being selected as a Media Partner means that you will receive:

  • Two (2) free media passes
  • A private media zone for working and conducting live interviews in the event venue during the whole conference
  • Exclusive access to the most interesting news before we even publish it on our official website
  • A dedicated member of the PR team will help you get all the information you need to write stories before, during, and after the event
  • Maximum support achieving your objectives during the event, including scheduling and facilitating interviews with speakers, sponsors, and members of the organising team
  • Your logo with a link to your media website will be featured on the Media Partners page of the WCEU website
  • Recognition as a Media Partner across all of our channels
  • Promotion across the WCEU social media channels
  • Opportunity to distribute publications at our event

Your Commitment as a Media Partner

As a Media Partner, you commit to offering media coverage before, during and after the event. By coverage, we mean all interviews, articles, and social media posts that you will publish across your network. We ask that you aim to create varied content. For example, your interviews can come in diverse video formats, podcasts, or transcribed Q&As.

Your articles may include infographics and your social media posts could feature quotes from speakers, sponsors, volunteers, or organizers. When reaching your audience, you can send out dedicated emails about the event and include a WCEU banner or logo on your site.

Benefits of becoming a Media Supporter

Suppose you are a blogger, a WordPress supporter, or a freelance journalist interested in sharing the WCEU 2023 news with your community. In that case, we encourage you to join us as a Media Supporter.

As a media supporter, you will receive:

  • One (1) free media pass
  • Direct contact with the WordCamp Europe organising team
  • Access to speakers and sponsors
  • Regular email updates with the latest news
  • Valuable insights into the WordPress Community

Your Commitment as a Media Supporter

At the same time, by being a Media Supporter, you commit to:

  • Publishing at least one article before the event takes place
  • Composing a minimum of five social media posts per day during the two-day event (10 in total)
  • Posting a follow-up article after the event. That can be a review, recap, statement, or opinion article describing your experience and journey at WordCamp Europe 2023

So, if you’re a media platform and are ready to deliver what it takes to be one, apply for the Call for Media Partners and start promoting the event.

The Call for Media Partners form is available on the official website of WordCamp Europe2023.


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