Support Extended for Classic Editor Plugin!

Support Extended for Classic Editor Plugin

The official WordPress team has decided to extend support for the Classic Editor plugin.

With the release of WordPress 5.0, the Gutenberg block editor was set as the default editor for WordPress. However, many were hesitant and were not ready to switch to the block editor. Therefore, even before the release of 5.0, the Classic Editor Plugin was introduced so that those who’re not ready for the change can take time and slowly transition to the block editor. At the time, it was announced that the Classic Editor Plugin will be supported till 2021 and adjust if need be.

In a post by Josepha, she writes, “After discussing this with Matt [Mullenweg], it’s clear that continuing to support the plugin through 2022 is the right call for the project as well as the community.”

Ending the support does not mean completely banning the plugin. It only means the plugin will be closing the “full support” phase.

The Classic Editor Plugin currently has over 5 million active installs on the platform.

The block editor was introduced back in 2018 and since its inception, thousands of updates and enhancements have been introduced in the editor. Therefore, if you’ve still not tried the block editor, it is high time that you do. The new updates are absolutely amazing and make sure your tasks as easier than ever!


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