An Interview with Randy Kuo | WordCamp Taipei 2019 Speaker

An Interview with Randy Kuo

WordCamp Taipei 2019 concluded with huge success last month on 28th December at GIS NTU Convention Center in Taipei. This was the second of its kind and it received a lot of love and support from WordPressers around the world. There were many amazing speakers at WCTPE who inspired attendees to learn and grow. Randy Kuo was one of the speakers and he talked about traditional website building with its advantages.

Randy Guo Jinhong has experienced the ups and downs of the Internet for more than a decade now. He has watched the performance of hundreds of customers going up and down. Randy understands the difficulties of doing online business, especially the digital transformation of traditional industries. According to Randy, “A good official website is a very important marketing link in the traditional industry; using WordPress to produce the official website, and many years of experience and case discovery is a very correct and important first step in transforming online digital.”

It was an absolute delight to interview Randy and we are very thankful. Thank you, Randy, for taking out time for this interview.

Here’s the full interview:

Can you give us your short introduction?

I’m Randy Kuo. Because of work, I get in touch with traditional industries very often. Building a company website through WordPress CMS, I can quickly help corporations enter the online digital market.

When did you start your journey in this field?

I have been using WordPress for 5 years now and I am very happy to be working in it.

How do you keep yourself updated with the latest news and trends in WordPress and the web overall?

Monitoring Google trends is how I keep myself updated. I also attend monthly WordPress meetups and work on different projects.

What was your talk about at WordCamp Taipei 2019?

My topic was “Advantages for Traditional Industries Building Websites with WordPress”. In this session, I talked about:

  • How the current traditional industries website looks like
  • Advantage of comprehensive planning projects
  • Advantage of marketing exposure
  • WordPress websites also grow with your company
  • Real examples

Why do you think Traditional Website Building is a better option?

The internet and traditional industries are inseparable nowadays. For example, the first thing clients do after they come back from an exhibition is they will search online and check if what the sales say about the company is true and whether it is as good as the sales claimed.

Once they checked and found out there is no official website or it’s not as what the sales claimed, clients will lose the customers for good. Therefore, it’s not because the exhibitions are useless, but because the sale process is not optimized. An official company website is crucial for conditional industries.

Can you please mention 3 to 5 advantages of the Traditional Website Building?

Traditional industries using WordPress has many benefits. Some of them are:

  1. You don’t necessarily need to customize a site because there are a lot of themes and plugins already
  2. The ability to expand features, migrate websites, and large user market, you can always find help.
  3. Search engine advantage: Google loves WordPress CMS. As long as you have good content, image, category architecture and using WordPress to build websites, basically, you will have good exposure on Google.

What do you think WordPress developers should do in order to remain at the top?

I think our WordPress developers need to look at other case studies, attend offline meetups, and attend more WordPress meetups. This helps grow the industry and improve networking.

Besides WordPress, what else does your creative mind love doing?

I love exploring the history and read sutras when I am not working.

DevotePress, once again, would like to thank Randy Kuo for this informative interview. We wish him all the very best for his future endeavors.

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