WCASIA2020 Confirmed Speakers – Round Seven

WCASIA2020 Confirmed Speakers - Round Seven

The list of WCASIA2020 Confirmed Speakers – Round Seven is here!

The first-ever WordCamp Asia 2020 is gearing up to take place on February 21-23, 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand. The event is nearing and with that, the preparations are at its peak. There are so many things to take care of in order to deliver a grand extravaganza. Likewise, Speakers are the core part of any WordCamp. They are one of the many reasons why people actually enjoy attending WordCamps.

The WCASIA2020 team has already announced the first six rounds of WCASIA 2020 confirmed speakers starting last week. And now, the team has published Round Seven of WCASIA2020 Confirmed Speakers who are going to deliver their talk on various topics at WordCamp Asia 2020.

So, without any further ado, let us introduce you to WordCamp Asia 2020 Confirmed Speakers – Round Seven.

WordCamp Asia 2020 Confirmed Speakers – Round Seven

Amit Gupta

Amit has been hacking and developing on WordPress since late 2003 and developing on WordPress at the enterprise level since 2011. Since then he’s been working on some of the highest traffic WordPress websites on the internet like Variety.com, RollingStone.com, Deadline.com, etc.

Topic: Developing WordPress at the Enterprise Level

Andrey Savchenko

Andrey “Rarst” Savchenko is a WordPress contractor from Kiev, Ukraine. He believes in a Web of content sites that are a delight to discover, read, and navigate.

Topic: Practical Code Quality — In Communication and Development

Biplab Subedi

Biplab Subedi loves to contribute to the WordPress community through volunteering, organizing and speaking at WordCamps. He is a co-founder of one of the leading WordPress based outsourcing companies in Nepal namely Eagle Vision IT.

Topic: WordCamp as a Leadership Camp! How organizing/volunteering a WordCamp bring out the leaders in us?

Chakkrisn Talawat

Chakkrisn or “Menn” is a Web Designer and Developer, who has been using WordPress since 2005, founded digital agencies in Bangkok, moved to the mountains of Pai, Maehongson, and worked remotely since ten years ago. Menn is now running a small team for the SeedThemes.com project.

Topic: What is Inside $100 vs. $100K Web Projects?

Hannah Del Porto

Hannah has worked in web development for 20 years and is the Chief Operating Officer of Brick Factory, a digital agency based in Washington, DC. They use open source technologies in all of their work, and try to support the community as much as possible.

Topic: Getting Stuff Done: Stop Losing Your Day to Distractions

Josepha Haden

Josepha is currently the Executive Director of the WordPress project, helping to coordinate and guide volunteer efforts across the ecosystem.

Topic: The Future of Democratizing Publishing: the WordPress Journey

Taeke Reijenga

Taeke is an all-round WordPress professional and owner of Level Level, a full-service WordPress agency based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Warat Wongmaneekit

Warat Wongmaneekit is a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies. His responsibilities include contributing to Developer communities and educating people about Google Technologies related to the web by speaking at events or publishing content.


So, these were the confirmed speakers that will be presenting their respective talks at the first-ever WordCamp Asia 2020. Make sure you go through their sessions’ summary so that you know what to expect during their talk at the event.

If you haven’t already, get your WCASIA2020 tickets today and come hear these amazing personalities.



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