An Exclusive Interview with Shrijana Thapa KC – WCKTM2019 Speakers

An Exclusive Interview with Shrijana Thapa KC

Shrijana Thapa KC is a Software Engineer and she works as a front-end developer at Mandala IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. She has more than a decade long experience in the media field. Shrijana has given training on public speaking and used to work at top radio stations of the city. She is an avid reader, has an immense love for travel and wishes to explore different places in her spare time.

Shrijana was one of the amazing speakers at WordCamp Kathmandu 2019 and she spoke on public speaking skills. Her talk was amazingly motivating for everyone who’s hesitant when it comes to public speaking. She also highlighted how public speaking skills can be a booster to your IT career and how it could enhance your future. She’s a very influential woman with more than a decade of experience and inspiring hundreds of girls in the IT field.

In this interview, we got to know her a little bit more, her WP journey, what she thinks about certain things in WordPress, her suggestions, and more. She’s been in the media field for more than a decade, which made interviewing this personality more interesting for us.

At WCKTM2019, she talked about why public speaking skills are necessary for developers and programmers. She highlighted the needs, advantages, drawbacks if you lack in public speaking, tips, and techniques on how to enhance your public speaking skills.

“Developers and Programmers are limited inside their own work-place all day but if they want to update themselves, attend seminars, and want to achieve more in their life, then public speaking skills are a must,” said Shrijana.

She also compared both of the events she’s been involved in, i.e. WCKTM2019 and WCPKR2018. She mentioned how a two-day event in compared to one was more informative for attendees and how they could gain more knowledge.

We also asked her thoughts on the Gutenberg implementation in WordPress. “Gutenberg is like a wave and it’s everywhere. Everyone is excited about it. I have seen WordPress developers getting excited about it as well. Though I am totally new to this term, Gutenberg, I am looking forward to experimenting it and exploring its features.”

It was such a pleasure to interview this inspiring character. The experience she had was pouring out and we could see a bold, beautiful, and confident speaker in her.

We wish her all the best for coming endeavors. Thank you Shrijana Thapa KC for sitting with us for this interview. You can find the full interview session with her on our YouTube Channel. Or, you can also watch the video below:

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WordCamp Kathmandu 2019 took place on March 16-17, 2019. If you had missed the event, we’ve got it all covered for you. You can check it out here.



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