Up Close with Radost Dacheva at WordCamp Europe 2019

Radost Dacheva Interview

Welcome to Episode 9 of DevotePress’ WCEU2019 Interview Series. For this episode, we present you the very amiable character, Radost Dacheva. She is the Key Partnership Manager at SiteGround. She enjoys working on establishing long-lasting relations among businesses and she believes that people are the key to success in any venture.

Before working in the web industry, Radost pursued a career in business consultancy and finance as a part of the largest program for Entrepreneurial Excellence in Bulgaria, providing startups with early-stage funding.

At WordCamp Europe 2019, Radost conducted a workshop on business planning for starting different businesses. She provided some hands-on tools and strategies for starting a business and how planning helps.

In this interview, Radost talks about her journey in WordPress, the business planning, her talk on WordCamp Europe, how poor planning leads to business failures, and more.

She says, “As I have grown to know the community better, I know that there are a lot of startup businesses, even in WCEU specifically. A lot of people come here to meet new people, find new ideas and next venture. My hypothesis was actually proven right; the workshop was packed. What I wanted people to learn is what practical steps they could take, some structured business models they could apply to their own businesses in order to avoid common failures. Personally, I am convinced that poor planning before you start developing your business and also the lack of monitoring the results as you go along are the reasons for failures.” A lot of people now have the idea of where to start their business journey; all thanks to Radost!

If you are someone who wants to start a business, no matter what kind, we suggest you watch this interview with Radost Dacheva. We are sure her words will inspire many startups.

We want to thank Radost for sitting with us for this interview.

Here is the full interview with Radost Dacheva at WordCamp Europe 2019:

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