Up Close with Yvette Sonneveld at WordCamp Europe 2019

Yvette Sonneveld Interview

Welcome to Episode 10 of DevotePress’ WCEU2019 Interview Series. For this episode, we present you Yvette Sonneveld. Yvette helps owners of small and medium-sized businesses across the globe use inbound marketing strategies to land more clients. Not just any clients, but those who will love you and your team for both your expertise and your personality.

At WordCamp Europe 2019, Yvette gave everyone amazing strategies and techniques to repurpose content and maximize your efforts. She also highlighted how one can take customer feedback & content with proven value and repurpose it.

In this interview, Yvette talks about her journey in WordPress, how she landed in content marketing from developing, content planning, how one can measure conversions, recycling old contents, and more.

When asked about her talk at WCEU2019, Yvette said, “Even if you put a lot of effort in one content and people value that piece of content, still usually you don’t get much traffic that you could and basically deserved. So, I had been looking for ways of repurposing content and how to make that easier and I have laid out four major techniques/strategies in my talk. The techniques include seasonal cleaning, content splintering, content stacking, and media swap.”

She briefly explained all those four techniques, “Seasonal Cleanup to make sure whatever content you have is up to date. Content Splintering – if you have a long-form content like an eBook that doesn’t get too many downloads, you could simply take parts of that, use chapters as blog posts and then invite your audience to eBook. Content Stacking – this is like the other way around. You take a series of articles and turn them into an eBook. Media Swap – where you can turn your existing content into another sort of media and that way you can connect with people with different learning styles – there are people who like to read, there are ones who like to listen and there are people who like to watch. And then, there are people who like to apply the knowledge, so, you could help them out with worksheets or checklists.”

This interview with Yvette was very informative for everyone who is looking for content repurposing. We whole-heartedly want to thank Yvette for sitting with us for this interview.

Here’s the full interview video with Yvette Sonneveld:

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