7 Best GitHub Alternatives for Open Source Projects

7 Best GitHub Alternatives for open source projects

If you’ve been updated on the latest tech news, you might be aware that Microsoft acquired GitHub for $7.5 Billion last week on June 4, 2018. GitHub is one of the best Git repository hosting service for any personal or open source project. And since it’s been acquired by Microsoft, there might be some changes coming in near future. Regarding the acquisition, many of the development teams of various open source projects are already switching or might be thinking about changing the version control host into something that does not only focus on making a profit and actually supports the open source projects smoothly. If you’re also thinking about switching or just concerned on what you could use instead of GitHub if Microsoft brings in some unusual changes in it, here we have compiled a list of 7 best GitHub alternatives to host open source projects that work as smooth as GitHub.

Most of the open source projects in WordPress, the most popular CMS platform are also shared on GitHub as well. Even the next big thing on WordPress—the Gutenberg Editor is being developed on GitHub. And since an open source code repository is crucial to every WordPress developer to be innovative, they need to stay updated on GitHub and its alternatives (in case Microsoft brings unusual changes to GitHub).

With that being said, here are 7 best GitHub alternatives to host open source projects.




GitLab is one of the most secure, reliable and best GitHub alternatives available in the market. It is an open source software and you can easily migrate your projects from GitHub to GitLab. It has a wide range of pricing options with extensive features even in the free one, such as built-in CI/CD, time tracking, issue boards, code review, and more. The Community Edition of GitLab is an open source that is completely free and GitLab can also be installed on your own server as well.

GitLab is able to handle large and rich repositories with ease and also, it provides unlimited public and free repos. Therefore, GitLab is a very reliable and well-polished git repository hosting service. Moreover, GitLab Ultimate and Gold packages are now completely free for education purpose and open source projects.



BitBucket is a perfect choice if you’re looking for high performance and feature-rich repository hosting service for your git source code. It has been around for almost the same time as that of GitHub. It is repository hosting service provided by Atlassian which is the parent company for also Jira and Trello. It comes free for up to 5 users and offers unlimited private repositories which makes it perfect for personal and scholar projects.

BitBucket seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow and has built-in continuous delivery. It is also pretty flexible, as it can be deployed in the cloud, on a local server, or your company’s data center.



GitKraken is one of the promising names in the coding industry for hosting open source code. This git client is steadily gaining popularity among the young developers nowadays. GitKraken provides feature-rich tools, clean interface, and is extremely easy to use. All of these features make it a good alternative for collaborating on software projects quickly and effortlessly.

The main purpose of the platform is to save time while building and testing projects. GitKraken features an undo button to roll back any mistake, which can be incredibly handy while working in groups. The free version is available to companies under 20 employees or educational shops. The premium version provides several exclusive features including multiple profile support so you can separate your projects.

Gogs (Go Git Service)


Gogs is an open source and completely free self-hosted Git service with extensible and lightweight nature. The platform comes so minimally that you can install and use it in just a few minutes. It is written in the Go programming language and Gogs can be run anywhere—be it Windows, Linux, MacOS, ARM and more.

Gogs is extremely easy to get started; just download the binary for your specific platform and run it. Also, you can ship it with Vagrant, Docker, or get it packaged.



SourceForge is one of the oldest software development platforms and popular names in the list of GitHub alternatives. There are many developers who have created lots of open source projects and let the users download the software through this versatile open-source code hosting site – SourceForge. SourceForge provides almost all the essential tools and features required for developing an open source project effectively and smoothly.

With SourceForge, you can host static as well as dynamic web pages for your projects and with the extra option of including a CMS too.



GitBucket is an open source Git platform powered by Scala. It is a GitHub clone and has a similar user interface and comes with similar perks, such as using Ssh and HTTP for hosting Git repositories, pull requests, wiki, issues and repository viewer. With the set of all the necessary tools and features, it helps the developer to easily manage the project code.

GitBucket supports plugins which makes it a unique and interesting platform to work on. Some of the popular plugins are Commits Graph, Jupiter, Gist and many others.



Launchpad was created by Canonical, the creator of Ubuntu Linux. It is a popular free git repository hosting service for Ubuntu, however, you can still use it to develop your own open source projects as well.

For private projects, Launchpad offers many crucial features and tools such as code hosting, bug tracking, mail listing, code reviews, and more. Launchpad supports Git, CVS, Subversion and also Canonical’s VCS Bazaar. Also, Launchpad supports translations, answer tracking and FAQs.

So, we’ve finally reached at the end of today’s compilation of 7 best GitHub alternatives to host open source projects. No matter what kind of version control software you and your team use, make sure you prioritize security and privacy first.

Let us know if you’ve got any other software git repository hosting platforms in mind that deserve a place on our list of best GitHub Alternatives.


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