5 Best Websites to Get Free Stock Images for your Blog

Free Stock Images

We’re all always struggling to get decent and suitable images to display on your blog and articles. But after going through this article, your struggle will come to an end and you’ll learn a new way to get unlimited Free Stock Images without hurting your brain and without wasting your time struggling. We present to you, 5 Best Websites to get Free Stock Images for your Blog.

But before we directly dive into the list, let’s first learn why it is important to be mindful while downloading an image from the web and displaying them out to the audience. So, we all know that images bring life to blog posts and articles, making them more attractive and interesting. It increases credibility and also helps you interact with your content. However, we need to be very, very careful while directly downloading an image from the web. You cannot use any image you find on the internet. The images you find on Google or any social media belong to someone and you need permission from the photographer to use that very image. If you have the consent of the owner, you’re free to use the image. However, if you just download and upload it on your site, it will be copyrighted by its original owner and you don’t want to be found guilty, eh? Therefore, you need our list of the 5 Best Websites to get Free Stock Images to help you avoid the cardinal sin of using an image that belongs to someone else.

But, how do you know if an image is copyrighted or belongs to someone else? Some of the very simple ways include looking for watermarks, image credit or some contact details, checking images’ metadata, doing a Google reverse image search, or if you’re in much doubt, just avoid using it. The best alternative to go for, dodging all these strenuous tasks, is to search for free stock images. So, let’s have a quick look at these 5 Best Websites to get Free Stock Images for your blog.

5 Best Websites to get Free Stock Images for your Blog


Pexels Photos is one of the loved platforms these days to get free stock images. The platform is easy-as-a-pie to use as it does not require any account creation in order to download images. However, if you want to save your download history, you can sign up and create an account for free. Not only can you get free images, but also free videos as well.

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Another popular platform to get free images for your blog is Pixabay. I’m sure you’ve heard Pixabay and have probably used it before. Pixabay is well-known among the designers where users can easily download stunning free images and royalty-free stock. Also, you can get high-quality stock images, videos, and music for absolutely free.

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Unsplash is a free platform where you can search for free high-resolution photos for your blog. For users’ convenience, there are many categories available where you can find beautiful high-quality images. For instance, technology, wallpapers, nature, architecture, business, fashion, health, and many more. With the available categories and accessible search bar, the sky is the only limit for beautiful photos.

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Canva is also one of the best websites to lean on when it comes to getting free stock images. It is a popular online graphic design software. More than 75 million photos, videos, and templates are available at your fingertips with Canva. If you are a startup in designing, you can get free design templates for Facebook, Flyers, Logo, Poster, YouTube Thumbnails, Resumes, and many more. Not only  startups, but anyone who needs any design ideas for inspiration can use this platform to generate more ideas with the available examples (free images).

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Another easily accessible website for free stock images is Free Range Stock. With the availability of thousands of free photos for commercial and noncommercial uses, you can also submit your own creativity as well. You can contribute to the site by signing up as a photographer and submitting your photographs. The website is quite popular among web users as it already has gained more than 750,000 registered users since its inception in 2007.

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So, these were the 5 best websites to get Free Stock Images for your blog. I hope the article helped you get some amazing pictures for your website.

If you have anything to add, share, or ask, please use the comments section below and let us know!

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