WCEU2021: The Organizing Team is Finalized

WordCamp Europe 2021 Organizers

With mere 2 months remaining for WordCamp Europe 2021, the preparations are going on in full swing to make the online WordCamp a success. The organizing team for WordCamp Europe 2021 Online has been finalized with lead for each section like Content, Attendee Services, Budget, Communications, Contributing, Design, Live Production, Public Relations, and Sponsors.

So, who are the organizers?

Organizers are the team that makes each WordCamp systematic and well-organized. Organizing a WordCamp is a volunteer labor (a lot of labor!) of love for WordPress and the local WordPress community. Each organizer earns untold karma points on their path to WordPress nirvana. No specific skills or backgrounds are a must to become an organizer. However, it will be a plus if you’ve some experience in organizing.

At times like these, when we are unable to attend in-person WordCamps, the responsibility of each organizer is doubled up as they need to make sure everything is intact and ready for everyone attending the WordCamp from around the globe.

The following people are the ‘Leads’ for the various aspects of organizing and managing the WordCamp.

Global Team Leads: José Ramón Padrón and Lesley Molecke

Attendee Services Team Lead: Svetlana Guzovskaia

Budget Team Lead: Justina Baskyte

Communications Team Lead: Sjoerd Blom

Content Team Lead: Aleksandar Savkovic

Contributing Team Lead: Abha Thakor

Design Team Lead: Roberto Tunon

Live Production Team Lead: Fotis Routsis

Public Relations Team Lead: Pantelis Orfanos

Sponsors Team Lead: Laura Sacco

There are a lot more to take care of than the jobs above in WordCamp Europe 2021. Now that the organizing team has been officially decided, the groundwork and provisions for the next WordCamp to become successful are well underway. We are hopeful for WordCamp Europe 2021 to be one of the best online WordCamps ever.

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