Cornerstone Content: What it is and how it can help you.

Cornerstone Content


There are websites and blogs probably proportional to the number of stars in the night sky. Businesses have at least one website and there’s no shortage of personal websites as well. The competition among the websites is so tight that trying to find your site in the search engine can be a real pain. Companies can be seen hiring professionals for Search Engine Optimization just to make themselves ‘seen’. Similarly, there are also companies who follow certain “tactics” to make their websites rank higher on SEO.

However, the first thing you might want to ask yourself when creating or posting on a website is, “Who is going to read this stuff?” AND “What questions of the reader am I answering?” Knowing the answers to these questions should be your primary goal. For this, you have to be able to predict the needs of your clients; and create a strong cornerstone content.

People surf your website looking for answers and the faster they find it, the longer they are likely to stay. That is exactly what a cornerstone content does for you. It displays your website’s raison d’être; in a way that’s easy to find, comprehensible and convincing.

Therefore, creating a Cornerstone page is the first step to getting your website rank high in Google search results.

Brian Clark from explains cornerstone as something that is basic, essential, indispensable, and the chief foundation upon which something is constructed or developed. It’s what people need to know to make use of your website and do business with you.

The cornerstone of every website ought to be its services. Those who come to your website have to, in under a minute, know what you specialize in. If your page is about a specific type of technology, people have to know it at the first glance. Cornerstone does that.

So, here’s how cornerstone content helps you achieve your website goals.

Cornerstone pages help in link building

Whenever you think about search ranking, you think link building. You want to group together the similar content on your website into a single page. You can build links to the page and make it keyword dense resulting in a higher rank in search engines.

For example: In, we use the word WordPress not just for the sake of writing it but we want to be ranked in Google for those very words.

For new websites Cornerstone pages are very important. You can add link backs to other posts on other pages you write. In this way, you can rank well and new readers can find your website.

Cornerstone pages = More subscribers

Let’s talk about a scenario. Your friend tells you that you are a good singer. You think your friend is very sweet to tell you that and the thought is dismissed. However, if it were, say, Bryan Adams, who told you your voice was good; you would actually try to pursue a career in singing.

The reason is simple: People listen to authority figures. Likewise, people are more likely to bookmark, share, and reference authoritative content.

Cornerstone content shows that you have knowledge on a definite subject. They try your suggestions and if they are satisfied, they don’t shy away from stepping forward. So, cornerstone content exhibits authority. You get more subscribers and paying customers.

And regarding the efficacy of this strategy, clearly says here that this is how they became one of the top blogs.

Share information more efficiently

Cornerstone content is made for a specific topic. People tend to remember information once it has helped them solve any of their problems. So creating a cornerstone on a certain topic also helps to make it easier for you and others to share information. You can send one link for the topic on hand that has links to all the reference they need. No need to look for and share multiple sites and your job is so much easier.

We hope this article helps you understand the concept and importance of Cornerstone Content on your website. We will be back soon with another article on how to create an effective Cornerstone Page.

Please don’t hesitate to send us your views through comment. Till then, happy blogging!

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