WordPress 4.6 Beta 1 available for testing

WordPress 4.6 Beta 1 release

After a long wait, WordPress 4.6 Beta 1 release is here. The WordPress Development Team released WordPress 4.6 Beta 1 yesterday – June 30, 2016. The new release is still in development so the developers recommend to not use it on a production site.

This release includes the following the developers have been working on:

  • Shiny Updates v2 – Shiny Updates for uncomplicated installing, updating, and deleting plugins and themes.
  • Native Fonts in the Admin – For faster loading, especially when working offline, no third-party dependency, and a more native-feeling experience.
  • Editor Improvements – A more reliable recovery mode and detection of broken URLs while typing.
  • There are also some changes that developers should know about.

You can try the WordPress Beta Tester plugin to get a taste of WordPress 4.6 Beta 1. The Beta 1 is also available for downloading. If you find any bugs, you can report it to the Alpha/Beta area of the support forum. WordPress 4.6 release is only a few weeks away as it is scheduled for release on August 16th.

We will keep you posted about any other news or releases involving WordPress 4.6.

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