How to Fix Custom Header Video Issues Easily

How to Fix Header Video Issues easily

Are you facing issues displaying custom header video on your site? This tutorial will guide you on how to fix custom header video issues easily.

While displaying a custom header video, WordPress users usually suffer from following issues:

  • Header Video does not show on mobile
  • No option to enable sound on WordPress Header video
  • Cannot use a video header that is over 8MB

If you are also facing issues mentioned above and want to display a custom header video of your choice the way you want to, we have a solution for you. So, let’s learn how you can easily fix custom header issues in WordPress.

Fix Custom Header Issues in WordPress

First of all, you need to download and install Header Enhancement Pro plugin. The plugin empowers you with all the features to quickly fix header issues. It comes with features like Autoplay, Sound Support, Mobile-Friendly, maximum upload size of 500 MB, and Loop.

Upon activation of Header Enhancement Pro, visit your Header Media Option under Theme Customizer.

Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Header Media

Under the Header Media option, you will find checkboxes added by the Header Enhancement plugin. You can check to enable Sound, enable Custom Header Video on mobile devices, enable Autoplay, and enable Loop.

Check boxes under Header media

After that, scroll down and add the video you want to see as the header video. You can either upload your local video or paste a YouTube URL. Remember, the maximum upload size is 500 MB.

You can further scroll down and add a header image for backup. Also, you can add Header Media Title, Text, URL, and more.

Now, hit the Publish button to see the plugin in action. Your custom header video will now be displayed elegantly on your website. You can also check from your mobile device to see your custom header video shining the brightest.

Fix Custom Header Video Issues

If you also want to fix custom header video issues of the video not being mobile responsive and not being able to play sound, or want to upload a video header that’s over 8 MB, then we suggest you go for Header Enhancement Pro. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Please note:

  • The Header Enhancement Plugin, both free and premium, is compatible with WordPress themes that support the Header Media option.
  • You can Autoplay your custom header video only if the sound is turned off.


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