WordCamp Europe to host the next WordPress Community Summit

WordPress Community Summit

Yesterday, 11th July 2016, Cami Kaos announced on the Make WordPress Community that the next WordPress Community Summit would be hosted, not by WordCamp US, but by WordCamp Europe 2017. The WordPress Community Summit was held at WordCamp US 2015 in Philadelphia.

Unlike WordCamps, the Community Summit is a smaller, work-focused event. Community leaders gather to discuss and work on issues that the WordPress community faces. The Community Summit is an unconference, without slides, selected speakers, or planned presentations. The format and the goals of the Summit make it necessary to cap registration at a much lower number.

The Summit brings together leaders who are active in the WordPress project and community to discuss and work on issues in small groups over the span of a couple days. In the past, many of those invited to attend were not able to travel from overseas due to the financial burden and, for some, the inability to get a visa. This is the first time that the event will be held outside of the US.

“Organizing the Community Summit along WordCamp Europe 2017 is a privilege and an honor,” lead organizer Paolo Belcastro said. “I hope it will enable many people who haven’t been able to attend before to be able to attend next year for the first time.”

There are 11 months yet for the Summit to arrive. The dates and other details haven’t been fixed yet and will be posted in Make WordPress Community. As Cami Kaos said, “We’re happy to share with you that the next WordPress Community Summit will be hosted by WordCamp Europe 2017 in Paris, France. The 2017 Community Summit is still in its early planning stages but more information will be posted here and on WordCamp Europe 2017 as it becomes available.”

We will also keep updating on any news that surfaces. Please let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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