How to Access Jetpack’s Alternative Module Interface

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Jetpack is a multi-purpose plugin, essential for your WordPress powered blog is developed by Automattic and offers various modules to enhance WordPress features. However, there are so many Jetpack modules which are not used or which we don’t actually need. Today, we will be giving you a quick tip on how you can access Jetpack’s alternative module interface.

First of all, let’s talk about the old admin interface in Jetpack. The old interface displayed all the Jetpack modules in one single page and gave you an option to deactivate all the unused modules within that page. Modules were easier to find as they’re listed in alphabetical order. Let’s just say, it was really easy to use and saved a lot of time for the users.

jetpack's old interface

Now the new interface—the newly redesigned settings page doesn’t give you the option to turn off most of the modules in Jetpack. Only a few module managements are shown in sections like writing, sharing, discussion, traffic, and security. The new interface is easy to use as well but it doesn’t show you all the details about each and every module that Jetpack provides.

jetpack's new interface

This means you’re not able to see if the unused Jetpack modules are making your website slower or not. The new admin interface doesn’t grant you the option to disable modules one by one. You can take the Stats module, for example, you will not be able to see an option to disable the Stats module in the new interface. Not only the Site Stats module, there are many other modules that are unused and eating the space on your website.

However, this doesn’t mean you cannot access those modules, you can still deactivate those unused Jetpack modules. Yes, you read that right. There is a hidden way to disable the Jetpack features. You just need to go to Make sure you change to your current website URL. Pasting the link on your web browser will bring up the old settings page where you will be able to disable each of the unused modules one by one.

You can also access the old interface through jetpack’s Debug page too.

Enjoy deactivating unused Jetpack modules! Don’t forget to share the Jetpack’s alternative module interface with your friends if they are facing the same problem as you with the Jetpack’s new interface.

This is sure to help save the space on your website and make your website faster. Try disabling the unnecessary module and do let us know your experiences through the comments section below.

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