How to Add Tags to Your Blog Posts

Tags are very important part of blog organization. Without it, our blog will be a mess. Tags make our life easier because it makes it effortless for us to search for blog posts in the future. It especially comes very handy when you have lots of blog posts.

It’s hard to filter all the blog post one by one. So, tags are what helps us filter and organize blog posts in the long run. It helps us simplify our blog posts significantly.

Before you read how to add tags to your blog post, read the previous article on “How to create new tags on WordPress

However, It is not necessary that you create new tags before you use it on your blog post. You can directly use tags without creating it beforehand.

Here are the steps for adding tags to your blog post:

1. In your blog post editing screen, you’ll see a meta box for tags.
WordPress Tag Meta Box

2. Write tags which are relevant to your blog post. You can separate it by a comma. For example: Here we have pizza, food and subway as tags.
WordPress Tag Meta Box With Tags

3. After you’re done with writing tags, Click on ‘Add’. It will now add your tags.
WordPress Tag Meta Box With Tags Written

After that you’re done. You have successfully created tags to assign to your blog post.

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