How to Create New Tags on WordPress

Tags are very important part of blog organization. Without tags our blog will be a mess. Tags help us simplify and manage our blog posts.

Basically, Tags are keywords for each page/article you create. Tags are intended to be very short two or three word phrases. Adding tags will help you accurately represent a post or page.

So, here we’ll go through step by step instruction on how to add new tags on WordPress:

1) First you need to be on your Dashboard. Once there, go to Posts -> Tags
Post Tags

2) After you click on Tags, you will enter the Tags page as shown below:
Tags Page

3) As an example for this tutorial, we will create a new Tag called programming.

4) In the Add New Tag section of the page, write all the details about the tag. Namely – Name, Slug and Description.
Add New Tags

After you write all the information, click on ‘Add New Tag’.

Now you have successfully created a new Tag named ‘Programming’.
Programming Tag

You can now assign it to your blog posts.

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