WordPress Workshop at WordCamp Bharatpur 2019 – From Basics to Advanced

WordPress Workshop at WordCamp Bharatpur 2019

Looking forward to learning WordPress in the upcoming WordCamp in Bharatpur? Be a part of the WordPress Workshop at WordCamp Bharatpur 2019. From basic customizations to advanced, this WordPress workshop will include everything!

The first-ever WordCamp in Bharatpur is only five days away from today. It’s happening on 9th November 2019 at Panaroma Garden in Bharatpur. It is going to be a one-day WordPress conference with attendees and speakers from around the globe.

WordCamp Bharatpur 2019 is an excellent opportunity for everyone wanting to learn more about WordPress and the way it functions. There will be many inspiring talks and exciting presentations. To make learning easier, there will be parallel sessions of WordPress Workshop as well.

There are two main halls for the event—Hall Rhino and Hall Elephant. Hall Elephant will witness Presentation Sessions and Hall Rhino will be conducting the workshop.

The WordPress workshop at WordCamp Bharatpur 2019 will cover all the basics and advanced customization tasks we perform on WordPress.

Topics that will be covered in the Workshop are:

  1. Xampp Installation
  2. WordPress Installation
  3. Basic Theme Setup
  4. Plugins Usage
  5. Basic Theme Customization
    • Template Hierarchy Explanation
    • Child Theme Creation
    • Custom Page Templates Usage explanation
  6. WP Query Usage Explanation with Examples
  7. Custom Post Type and Custom Taxonomy Register with Examples
  8. Custom Fields Usage with Examples
  9. Action and Filters Basic Explanation
    • init hook
    • enqueue hook
    • wp_head, wp_footer hooks
    • the_title, the_content filters usage explanation with examples

The mentors for the workshop session are Madan Panthi, Arun Kumar Pariyar, and Santosh Panta. All of these three personalities are active in the Nepali WordPress community and have been doing their best to help enthusiasts learn more about WordPress.

Attendees who complete the tasks will be chosen for the lucky draw (If more than 3) from which the lucky draw winner gets attractive swags.

So, why think twice? Grab this opportunity and attend the WordPress Workshop! If you are willing to attend, make sure you have your laptop and the charger with you. You can also bring your own multi-plug if you are comfortable.

Cheers WCBHR2019!

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