DevotePress – The Official Media Partner for WordCamp Europe 2021

DevotePress is the Official media partner for WordCamp Europe 2021

DevotePress has been signed as the official online media partner for WordCamp Europe 2021. We will be providing you with news and updates related to WCEU2021.

The virtual WordCamp Europe 2021 Online is happening on June 7-9. Not even a month left for WordCamp Europe 2021. The event will include many fantastic sessions, lightning talks, workshops, virtual contributor day, and more.

The registrations are open but with limited seats. So, if you haven’t already, make sure you register your seat for the online WordCamp. Register Here.

Similar to the previous year, WordCamp Europe 2021 is happening online this year as well. It was mentioned previously that if things get under control and everything goes in a positive direction, WordCamp Europe 2021 would be an in-personal event. However, even though COVID-19 seems somewhat controlled, there is still a high risk of the contagious disease while in a large gathering like a WordCamp. Therefore, the organizers decided to go once again for an online WordCamp in Europe.

We’re very happy that once again, we’re the official online media partner for WordCamp Europe 2021. This is our fourth time participating in an international WordCamp. Previously, we’ve been the official media partner for WordCamp Europe 2019, WordCamp Asia 2020 (which unfortunately couldn’t take place) , and WordCamp Taipei 2019. Also, we’ve been the official media supporter last year for WordCamp Europe 2020 Online.

It is an absolute delight to be a part of such wondrous extravaganza, WordCamp Europe three times in a row. We’re very excited and are looking forward to promoting WCEU with full enthusiasm and passion. As we are the official media partner for the online conference, we will support and help promote the event in every way possible.

As a WordCamp Europe 2021 Official Media Partner, we will provide you first-hand updates regarding WordCamp Europe 2021 and promote the event towards success through our various social media streams.

The whole team of DevotePress will be on our toes to bring you all the latest news and developments in the process regarding WCEU2021.

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