WordCamp Taipei 2019 Tickets are selling like Hot Cakes!

wordcamp taipei 2019 tickets are-selling-like-hotcakes

As scheduled, the WordCamp Taipei 2019 tickets sale began on September 30. And the tickets are selling like hot cakes. The amazing team has already released 280 tickets and sold 160 tickets in 24 hours. And for now, there are only 120 tickets left.

The tickets you purchase are non-refundable. Therefore, we suggest you read the notes on the sales page first, set your mind about the event, and then only buy the tickets.

The second of its kind, WordCamp Taipei 2019 is all about the community. With the ticket purchased, you will get access to a full day WordPress conference. It also includes some cool swags, lunch, fun conference games, and many inspiring talks.

The organizers are hoping to see around 500 footfall at WordCamp Taipei 2019. Therefore if you also want to be a part of this amazing event, we suggest you book your seats right away and participate in the WCTPE 2019 event.

Moreover, WCTPE2019 badges are also available now. If you are going to be a part of WordCamp Taipei 2019 in any way, you can flawlessly flaunt your badge to the world. The badges scream “I’m attending”, “I’m speaking”, “We’re sponsoring”, and “I’m volunteering”.  You can choose the one that best suits your involvement.

The WordCamp Taipei 2019 tickets are vending so quickly. Therefore, grab yours before it’s gone.

The Standard Ticket price is $14.5 (450 NT$).

With every ticket purchase, you will receive:

  • Free Entry Pass to the one-day conference
  • Exclusive Event Swags
  • Healthy Lunch Box
  • Free Snacks and Drinks
  • After Party Pass

Above everything, with the ticket you purchase comes the memories and knowledge that would last a lifetime.


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