Global WordPress Translation Day 2017 is set for September 30

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The WordPress Polyglots team is ready to host the third Global WordPress Translation Day 2017 on September 30, 2017, in every timezone around the globe.

WordPress Translation Day 2017 is a 24-hour global event dedicated to the translation of the WordPress ecosystem (core, themes, and plugins). The international community of the WordPress Polyglots will meet at the same time locally and digitally for a 24-hour translating marathon which will provide inspiration and training to both coders and translators on different topics around WordPress localizing and internationalizing through live streaming sessions and local meetups. A series of live series will be aired live via Crowdcast, according to the officials.

The sessions, offered in the local languages, will be providing information, training, inspiration, case studies, Q&A sessions and more on the WordPress ecosystem: a “global Polyglots chorus” that will run from East to West, as the time zones roll out.

This year, September 30 has also been designated as International Translation Day by the United Nations!

Everyone who would like to learn how you can translate WordPress in their language, new and experienced translation editors, developers who would like to find translators for their projects, just everyone who would like to learn about translation process in WordPress and get a general idea of the work of the Polyglots team are welcome in Global WordPress Translation Day 2017. The event will start exactly at 00:00 UTCsee when the event starts for you.

The Polyglots are calling all multilingual contributors to join in the event. They are also planning to provide remote support for as many languages as possible to help contributors who would like to join from their home and work on translations.

You can choose from a number of ways to get involved in Global WordPress Translation Day 2017. You can volunteer to do a live stream talk about translating WordPress into your language, organize a local event, organize a remote event, become a speaker during Global WordPress Translation Day 2017, watch live sessions, or just simply join the slack channel.

If you also have the language skills to participate in the translation sprint, it is one of the easiest ways to start contributing to WordPress and help prepare the platform for its next major international leap.

Join #polyglots on Slack to connect with the team.


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