Gutenberg 2.4 Released with Several Enhancements

Gutenberg 2.4 released

The Gutenberg Editor is here with its updated version, Gutenberg 2.4. The new version was released yesterday and as usual, it has brought several updates, tweaks, and enhancements along with it.

This time, Gutenberg 2.4 had a full list of more than 80 enhancements and bug fixes. The new release has continued the work done in previous releases around balancing writing flow with the ability to easily insert non-text blocks. It has also strengthened, tweaked and polished underlying mechanisms for handling the writing flow in order to provide more stability and consolidation.

Here is a detailed list of a few notable changes in various sections of Gutenberg Editor.


Writing Flow

  • Move isTyping behaviour to a separate component.
  • Inserting a block should only shift focus to a text field, otherwise focusing the block’s “focus stop”.
    • Example: Inserting an image should focus the top-level placeholder.
  • Pressing backspace or enter from the block’s focus stop should respectively delete or insert a subsequent paragraph block.
    • Example: Pressing enter or delete on an image placeholder.
  • Pressing down arrow from a non-text-field should proceed with a tab transition as expected.
  • Shift-arrow from a text field engages multi-selection, but not if there are other text fields in the intended direction in the same block.
  • Cancel isTypingstate when focusing non text field.
  • Improve reliability of the block click-to-clear behavior.

Other Changes

Check out the full list of changes in Matias Ventura’s post.

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