Jetpack 6.3 Released with New Features and Improvements

Jetpack 6.3 Released

The newest version of Jetpack, Jetpack 6.3 is here. The new version was released on 3rd July and has brought some interesting changes along with it.

Jetpack 6.2 was a general maintenance release and carried a few improvements. Likewise, this time, Jetpack 6.3 has also included many improvements and bug fixes, however, the most interesting feature that has been added is the new Simple Payment Widget.

Simple Payment Widget

The newly introduced Payment Widget helps you take payments anywhere on your website. Previously, Jetpack included the Simple Payment Button allowing users to add a PayPal payment button to any new post or page. And now, in Jetpack 6.3, making it easier, the team has added a new widget to create those payment buttons and accept payments or donations. With this widget, you can add a quick payment option to any widgetized area (sidebar, header or footer) on your WordPress site by visiting Personalize > Customize.

The Simple Payment Widget also allows you to add and manage all of the products you want to accept payments for. Once one or more products have been created and saved via the Customizer, you can switch between them when adding a new widget or payment button. You just need to choose from the right button in the list when you’re setting up. You will also be able to add photos, descriptions, and prices for the product as well.


  • Lazy Loading Images: Updated the behavior of Lazy Loading Images for visitors with JavaScript disabled. Images will still load and will not display blank spots on the page.
  • Markdown: Updated the name of the CSS class for <code> when attempting to specify a language for a code block. Prior to this release, you would receive class=language”. Now you’ll get class=”language-javascript” or the language you specified for the block.
  • Site security and bbPress: Fixed a compatibility issue with the bbPress login widget that was causing unnecessary redirects upon attempting to log in.
  • Sitemap and formatting: We updated the date and time formatting for videos listed in the sitemap generated by Jetpack.
  • Site Stats: And finally, we fixed the width of the Jetpack Site Stats page so it’ll look a little nicer on wide screens.

You can check out the changelog to know more about the full list of updates and changes in Jetpack 6.3. You can get in touch with the members of Jetpack if you have anything to ask about the new update or want to give feedback.


Reference: Jetpack

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