Two full scholarships to A Week of REST by Human Made


Human Made LTD has announced to give away two full scholarships to their “A Week of REST” Conference.  It is a bootcamp for WordPress developers who want to work with the WordPress REST API. The conference will provide hands-on experience from core contributors to the WordPress API. The workshop lasts a week from 5th-9th September and will take place at Darwin Lake, Matlock in the UK.

More often than not, deserving people get left out of conferences like this. They might have financial or social problems. Similarly, reaching out for people from under-represented groups is not easy. Siobhan McKeown, Events Director at Human Made, says “The WordPress REST API is transforming how people use WordPress, opening it up to new technologies and communities. We want to enable people from under-represented groups in technology to develop the skills they need to use the REST API and further their career.”

Therefore, they are making available scholarships worth £1,500 to the students or persons from under-represented groups involved in the field of web development or design. The scholarships include all workshops and training, accommodation, meals and transfer to Derby or Matlock station.

The scholarships application deadlines were previously set for 13th July, 2016. However, there’s a good news for those who wish to join. The application deadline has been extended. So, you can submit your applications till 29th July 2016. The decision will be emailed to the applicants by 5th August, 2016.

So, if you are interested in the WordPress REST API and want to join but being held back by problems that meet the scholarship criteria, do make it a point to apply.

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