Jetpack 5.2: Major Improvements to Contact Form Module

Jetpack 5.2 brings major changes to the contact form module

Jetpack 5.2 was released yesterday and brought major improvements to the Contact Form module. Jetpack’s Contact Form module hadn’t seen many changes since the first release (version 1.3) in 2012. It was one of the most compelling features included in Jetpack. However, the new update is now here and has refreshed the Contact Form module in Jetpack.

Previously, the form builder was just a small popup in the post editor. Jetpack 5.2 —the refreshed design has brought form editing and previewing into the main content area where users can customize fields and labels and re-order them using drag-and-drop. The contributors have made it much simpler and faster to use. Users can click a button at the bottom of the form to add new fields. These upgrades brought the module more in line with other contact form plugins.


Jetpack 5.2 also brought improvements to the recommended features list for new users with better explanations of the features and how they benefit your WordPress website.

The newest version of Jetpack has streamlined and reduced the plugin’s zip file by 500kb, fixed bugs and introduced enhancements for stability. Jetpack 5.2 has also reduced the code required to run the Comment Likes module. Comment Likes module were first introduced in version 5.1, offering users a new and interesting way to interact through the comments. Hovering over the number of likes will display the Gravatars of the users who liked the comment. You do not need to enable the Jetpack Comments module to run this feature. Both of the modules work independently on their own.

You can have a look at the changelog to know more about the improvements in Jetpack 5.2. You can get in touch with the members of Jetpack if you have anything to ask about the new update or want to give feedback.


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