Jetpack 6.1 Released with General Maintenance Items

Jetpack 6.1 Released

With the starting of the month May, Jetpack released its updated version, Jetpack 6.1 on May 1, 2018. This release was a general maintenance release, so, there are no big changes in Jetpack 6.1. However, it does contains some crucial improvements.

The previous version of Jetpack – Jetpack 6.0 was released in the first week of April with some serious changes in it.

Jetpack 6.1 has added privacy information links in order to make all of Automattic’s software GDPR-compliant. There will be a footer on the “More Info” popover that appears next to each feature’s setting. These link to the specific sections in our support docs describing privacy implications in the event you want to learn more about them.

The updated version has brought Stats and Do Not Track changes. You will now have a clear map of the privacy implications of each Jetpack feature. Also, there is a new filter that will honor the Do Not Track feature for visitors that choose to take advantage of it. (This affects Jetpack’s own Stats feature and nothing else.)

There are two improvements to the WordAds program in Jetpack 6.1. The development team has added support for the ads.txt file and introduced a new shortcode [wordsads] that allows you to include an ad inline on any given post or page content. This gives you even more flexibility in defining where your ads appear on your site.

Other than these, there were a few other notable changes in Jetpack 6.1. Few of which are:

  • When a post transitions to publish, Jetpack used to add Publicize post meta to all posts, whether or not it was a Publicize-able post type. This has been adjusted.
  • The team has removed the Sharing and Like display functionality from WooCommerce’s Cart, Checkout, and Account pages.
  • Users running their site on PHP 7.2 were seeing notices on their logs related to language features that were updated with this latest release of PHP. These notices should now be addressed.

You can check out the changelog to know more about the full list of updates and changes in Jetpack 6.1. You can get in touch with the members of Jetpack if you have anything to ask about the new update or want to give feedback.


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