Meet WordCamp Asia 2023 Wapuu

Meet WordCamp Asia 2023 Wapuu

The Call for Wapuu received a total of 10 Wapuu design submissions by 8 designers from India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan. The WordCamp Asia team is very excited and thankful for sending many submissions!

The organizers voted for the Wapuu that can represent the vision that we have for WCAsia 2023 and welcome the attendees at ICON SIAM together with Tuk-tuk Wapuu selected for WCAsia 2020.  And the most voted Wapuu will be WordCamp Asia 2023 mascot.

Yay! Chao Phraya Boat Wapuu is the WordCamp Asia 2023 mascot. And the designer of this Chao Phraya Boat Wapuu is Chiaki Kouno.

The Concept of Chao Phraya Boat Wapuu

Chao Phraya Boat Wapuu

Let’s take the Chao Phraya Boat and get together in Bangkok, Asia!   This time as a series of 2020’s Tuk-Tuk Wapuu, three Wapuus travel on the Chao Phraya River on a boat. This boat takes us to the venue “Icon Siam” on the Chao Phraya River! The boat contains the key colors of the WCA and the WCA logo is displayed on the ball. There is a splash of waves expressing a speedy feeling, showing everyone’s expectations for the last three years.

Recommendation comments from WCAsia 2023 organisers

So, these are the recommendation comments that are given by WordCamp Asia 2023 Organizers.

  • I love the movement in this Wapuu design and think it really captures a well-understood vibe in Thailand.
  • We must cross the Chao Phraya River to attend the WordCamp Asia at Icon Siam via Boat. The boat contains the key colours of the WCA, and the WCA logo is displayed on the ball.  As I relate to the Thai tradition of water splash to Songkran, it resembles good fortune and blessing.
  • It’s a nice representation of all the different cultures around asia coming together in 2023 after the pandemic cancelled WordCamps and in person events.
  • Splash!
  • Boat Wapuu pairs well with Tuk-Tuk Wapuu, and it symbolizes the unique location of our venue which can be directly accessed via boat.
  • Three Wapuus travel on the Chao Phraya River on a boat, looks like a sequel of 2020 Wapuu, that is of Tuk-Tuk Wapuu. It looks really interesting
  • This represents community, diversity and Bangkok flavour.

Other Wapuu Designs

Therefore, these are some of the great and fascinating submission of the designs. So, thank you all the designers. So, which Wapuu do you like?

Other Wapuu Designs

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