WooCommerce gets its own domain. What about WooThemes.com?

WooCommerce moved from WooThemes.com to WooCommerce.com

On 3rd July 2016, WooCommerce moved from WooThemes.com to WooCommerce.com. In a news article, written by Mark Forrester, co-creator of WooThemes, marked this as an important milestone for his team.

Created by Forrester, Adii Pienaar and Magnus Jepson, over time WooThemes established itself as a major player in the WordPress themes marketplace. The creators were surprised by the fact that e-commerce accounted for about 85% of overall sales at WooThemes. Hence, they launched WooCommerce with the goal of increasing revenue by selling e-commerce themes. Later in May 2015, it was acquired by Automattic.

“We’ve moved our site over from WooThemes.com to WooCommerce.com to provide focus for our team, clarity for our customers, and to reflect what has become Woo’s core business,” Forrester said.

The company is still selling themes, but the WooCommerce branding now takes top billing on the website. The team will continue to focus its efforts on the Storefront and Canvas themes while refining the WooCommerce customer experience.

“Over the next months, we will iterate fast on new user experience both within the WooCommerce platform and on this site,” Forrester said. “We’ll continue to hire and train ninjas to improve customer experience and ticket response times. Our elevator pitch will be perfected and we won’t leave quite as many people scratching their heads.”

According to Forrester, just because WooCommerce moved from WooThemes.com to WooCommerce.com does not mean WooThemes.com is going offline. As of now, WooThemes.com re-directs to WooCommerce.com. He hinted that the company has a longer term plans to “perform a heart transplant and build a new WooThemes.com” that will cater to all Automattic themes. The themes previously hosted at WooThemes.com are still available to customers but are now found under the WooCommerce branding umbrella.

This is a huge step forward by the team of WooCommerce as it is a common problem among WordPress companies that evolved away from theme sales over years. And when Automattic purchased WooThemes, the brand name got even vaguer. But finally, WooCommerce got its own domain and new customers will have no problem accessing their site.

To read more of Mark’s article, click here.



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