Jetpack 4.1 – New custom share label, Untappd Menu shortcode and more

Jetpack 4.1 released yesterday (6 July 2016) and has quite a few novel changes on the plate. There are a myriad of improvements and they are all quite impressive. Jetpack has improved performance by making calls to the database more efficient. By doing lesser during each page load, loading images is faster as well. Read on to know more about all the new features incorporated.

Jetpack 4.1 Improved Features and UI

Jetpack’s Secure Sign On; the module that allows you to use your log in credentials to register for and sign in to your self-hosted site quickly and securely; has been fully redesigned for easier setup and use.

New Sharing buttons and a custom share label

Jetpack 4.1

Jetpack 4.1 has added Telegram and Whatsapp sharing buttons to their sharing module. Both being highly popular apps, with Whatsapp’s over 1 billion users and Telegram’s 100 million, the buttons will come in handy to increasing your website traffic, even more so when users share in groups.

Improvements for Foodies

Jetpack 4.1 has a new shortcode specially made for food bloggers. The recipe shortcode helps you easily embed a recipe, format and publish it. More details here.

New Untappd shortcode

In addition, Jetpack 4.1 has introduced a shortcode that helps bars add their menu via Untappd. The bars and breweries only need an Untappd ID for their venue and a Theme ID of the menu to list the items with thumbnails.

Jetpack 4.1


Furthermore, Jetpack 4.1 offers added security measures to avoid timing attacks when comparing strings. The connection process for sites using an SSL certificate has also been improved.

These are the major changes that have been added to Jetpack 4.1. If you wish to you can check out the complete changelog to learn about all the changes the update brings to Jetpack.

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