WordPress 4.6 Beta 2 release is available!

WordPress 4.6 Beta 2 release

A week past the WordPress 4.6 Beta 1 release, the WordPress 4.6 Beta 2 release is here. You can play with the new version on a test site with the WordPress Beta Tester plugin. The WordPress 4.6 Beta 2 is also available for download.

The WordPress 4.6 Beta 2 release has the following major changes made:

  • Meta: Restored fallback authentication for the previous registration method. You can retrieve registered metadata and non-core object types are no longer forcibly blocked.
  • REST API: Validation now occurs prior to sanitization instead of the previous sanitization callback running before the validation callback.
  • Customize: The order of setting sanitization and validation has been reversed; validation now occurs prior to sanitization.
  • HTTP API: WP_Http::request() returns an array again.
  • Various bug fixes: Over 50 changes following Beta 1.

The software is still in its development phase so the WordPress Development Team doesn’t recommend using it on a production website. . If you find any bugs, you can report it to the Alpha/Beta area of the support forum. You can also file a bug report on one on the WordPress Trac.

We will keep you posted on any news related to WordPress 4.6. Have fun testing the WordPress 4.6 Beta 2.

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