WordPress 4.0 “Benny” is Out With Four Major Enhancements

WordPress version 4.0 (as of September 4, 2014) is out for the public. This version of the WordPress is named “Benny”, in honor of jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman.

You can now download the new version of WordPress from WordPress.org, or update your blog/website through the WordPress dashboard.

There are 4 major notable changes in this version of the WordPress:

1. Media Management
WordPress 4.0
WordPress 4.0 “Benny” Grid Media Library

One of the most annoying feature about WordPress was the list Media Library. If you had to search or edit a media file, then you’d have to waste lots of time just searching. Also, there was no function to sort out Audio, Image, Video, Unattached media files. It would all show up in chronological order.

Many WordPress users addressed this pain point. So now, finally, WordPress has rolled out this new featured called ‘Grid management’, through which you can manage your media files easily without having to go through the lists. Editing or searching your media files will now be quick and easy for the eyes.

2. Embed Enhancement:

Search for embed link, copy and paste it in the content text editor. Save draft and hit preview to check how your embed looks. This is now the old way of using embed.

With WordPress 4.0 “Benny”, WordPress has rolled out a new feature through which you’ll just need to post a URL to your content visual editor and then it’ll automagically change into a embed. However, it needs to support the website you’ll link. For more details, check out all of the embeds that WordPress supports.

Paste in a YouTube URL on a new line, and watch it magically become an embedded video. Now try it with a tweet. Oh yeah — embedding has become a visual experience. The editor shows a true preview of your embedded content, saving you time and giving you confidence.

We’ve expanded the services supported by default, too — you can embed videos from CollegeHumor, playlists from YouTube, and talks from TED.

– WordPress 4.0 News

3. Focus on Content:

The toolbar in your content editor will always stay with you even if you scroll your content editor. This will make it easy for writers who use the WordPress content editor. You won’t have to worry about not having a good text editor to write from now onwards, because WordPress itself has produced a better enhanced content editor.

According to WordPress, “Writing and editing is smoother and more immersive with an editor that expands to fit your content as you write, and keeps the formatting tools available at all times.”.

4. Plugin Search:
The New Visual Browsing Grid Interface
The New Visual Browsing Grid Interface

There has been an huge improvement in the plugin search just like on the media library. The plugin directory now has a grid interface, which makes it a breeze to search for a plugin. The visual browsing feature is the most important feature in this section, although search results are improved along with new metrics.

WordPress 4.0 “Benny” has addressed lots of pain points of the user and  improved a lot in terms of visual browsing experience.

What’s your experience with the new WordPress 4.0 “Benny”?

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