Meet WordCamp Europe 2023 Wapuus

Meet WordCamp Europe 2023 Wapuus

Meet WordCamp Europe 2023 Wapuus!

WordCamp Europe 2023 team has introduced amazing Wapuus mascots.

And, the great news is that there are two amazing mascots for our event in Athens!

What is a Wapuu?

Well, you may be familiar with Wapuus if you have attended the WordCamp events before. The original Wapuu was designed as a mascot to promote WordPress in Japan.  Kazuko Kaneuchi, a Japanese illustrator, created the first design as a gift to the WordPress community.  “Wapuu” debuted at WordCamp Fukuoka in February 2011.

Say Hello to the Official Wapuus of WordCamp Europe 2023



So, this year’s Wapuu is seen holding a traditional Greek vase called an Amphora and wearing Athena’s helmet. Athena was the Olympian goddess of weaving, pottery, crafts, heroic endeavour, war, wisdom, good counsel – and defence of towns (Such as Athens!).

However, Athenian pottery is an instantly recognisable symbol of Greece. Especially as the creation and design of these covers approximately 23 centuries.

And, the largest collection is found at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens – we’ve even added a guide to the museum here!

So, the vase is showing a range of traditional symbols, including the WordPress logo on a blue background representing the Aegean sea.

And the main Wapuu was designed by Ohia

Gyros Wapuu


Moreover, you’ll find Gyros across the city, from within restaurants to even being sold on the main streets. It’s a traditional meal which consists of thinly sliced pieces of pork (or chicken) and mixed with a range of spices.

After cooking, the meat is served in a lightly grilled pitta bread along with sliced tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and french fries. Along with a big splash of tzatziki. And here he’s even got a stick of souvlaki!

And the team have ensured he’s got a napkin on to catch any of those delicious flavours which may dribble from the pitta bread…

Furthermore, Gyros Wapuu was designed by Eleonora Anzini.

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