Unsplash WordPress Plugin for High-Quality Free Images

Unsplash WordPress plugin

Unsplash, a free WordPress plugin from Unsplash provides over a million high-quality free images. You can download and upload the images to your site directly from your dashboard with ease. The plugin was released just around a week ago and is being loved by many.

The newly released plugin, Unsplash helps you search and download images from your dashboard without having to leave your dashboard. The directly downloaded Unsplash images will have attribution and alt description info automatically filled in.

Unsplash WordPress Plugin is the official WordPress Plugin by Unsplash to help all sites that use the Unsplash platform for images. The images you directly download will be added to the WordPress media library without any trouble. The plugin basically helps save the time that we spend while searching, downloading, and uploading images outside your dashboard.

After you activate the Unsplash plugin, you have to complete a few steps of setup and get Access Key. The plugin requires you to create an Unsplash account in order to directly download from your WordPress editor.

The plugin will allow you to add images once you connect the plugin to Unsplash.com by logging in and authorizing your site. After getting your Access Key, you are now ready to download the images directly from your WordPress editor.

By providing an easy gateway to get high-quality free images for WordPressers, Unsplash is aiming to increase its audience. Meanwhile, users can also save their precious time by easily downloading images directly from their dashboard with this new plugin. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Since it is a new plugin, let’s show some love and support to this plugin.

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