The New WordPress Plugin Directory is Mostly Live

New WordPress plugin directory

The new WordPress Plugin directory made its debut on the 28th of March 2017. Mike Epstein posted the current status and known issues of the repo in a post in the make blog.

According to that post,

Current Status

  • Pending plugins are imported
  • Approved (but not yet committed) plugins are being imported
  • Rejected plugins have not yet been imported (though they will be)

Known Issues

Besides everything listed on Meta Trac, these are the following known issues:

  • Pixelated header images
  • Plugin submissions are disabled

Plugin Submissions are Currently Closed

Since the new plugin directory has not been fully rolled out, plugin approvals have been put on hold. You can’t submit a new one for approval, and the team won’t be approving anything until possibly tomorrow at the earliest. The team will post it as soon as they reopen and things start moving along.

Plugins Will No Longer Be Rejected After Seven Days

Plugins will not be rejected after 7 days from now on. The queue will be handled differently so having old plugins with no replies is less of a problem. You can now rename your plugin slug before approval, so that will take care of most things like ‘google-analytics-by-faro’ and other obvious typos.

However. This means the onus is now even more on you to make sure you whitelist emails from in your email servers. A high volume of people never see the first email (the ‘please fix’) and only see the follow-up of 7-days, so now you won’t be getting that anymore.

As far the design elements of the new WordPress plugin directory is concerned, comments from community members reveal that they are being well-serviced. However, they have also highlighted some “large issues’. Brian Hogg mentioned that there’s no ‘Translate this plugin’ link from the main plugin page.

You can read the original post and the comments by clicking on this link.


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